Why the future of applications is On-demand

It's not just the press that recognizes there's a new game in town There are practical advantages to the delivery of applications as web services that promise to turn the economics of application development on its head.

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Business Driven Innovation

Our experience with the new opportunities opened up by the combination of on-demand services and highly configurable applications, argues for technology innovation driven by business needs, as opposed to the technology centric vision of the dot com era.

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Practitioners Corner

Open invitation for practicing application developers to contribute commentary on the emerging on demand marketplace, lessons learned from implementations and questions raised by customers.

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Web 2.0

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Applications on-demand

image of Info Globally available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, business services can now be delivered where and when you need them, based on standard solutions customized to your specific requirements. New Demand specializes in delivering business driven innovation based on the industry leading Salesforce.com on-demand platform. Whether you need Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service and Support, or a custom on-demand solution we can help you implement solutions quickly and effectively. Our experienced consultants combine practical knowledge of salesforce.com with a track record of technology innovation to ensure your solutions are tailored to your needs without sacrificing maintainability or expansion.

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Changing times

small image of binary information Info, the New Demand mascot, represents todays on-demand application, an interactive actor on the World Wide Web. See how on-demand has evolved in this brief visual guide.

The evolution of Info

New Initiative Political Campaign services

New Demand is developing Political campaign support services based on Salesforce.com.

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The answer to Offshore?

Far from saving money and time, the greater number of lower cost staff that the typical offshore approach delivers will actually increase project cost and complexity. A small on-site team that closely collaborates with the business is the secret to successful on-demand implementations.

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On-demand Integration Options

Four integration approachs to on-demand applications

One of the common needs in any business application is the need to integrate data and processes with other systems. In an on-demand solution this problem can be magnified by the need to interact with legacy systems hidden behind a firewall, built with no thought for web services, or even the Internet.
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